Annual Report


 Annual Sports Report 

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 Good morning to one and all:        

                The Vidyalaya is celebrating fifth Annual day which consist of total annual activities of academic and improvisation of personality development of a child by means of various co-curricular activities such as sports, games, Scouts & Guides, Cubs & Bulbuls activities and environmental observation etc.


                In academics the CCE continuous and comprehensive evaluation methodology is being implemented under nine point scale for scholastic and five point scale for none scholastic subject, which enable the child to enrich in knowledge, behavioral science, morals, values in vibrant cultural heritage of the Country. The Vidyalaya system has insured itself to produce good citizens who are morally straight and mentally strong.

                During 212-13 academic year the Vidyalaya is running with classes I to IX for single section with experienced faculty of fifteen members with two sub-staff, three securities and two aya’s (conservancy) staff. For next academic year a proposal was sent to open a Xth class section in our Vidyalaya. Mr. Sangmeshwar Sr. PRT teacher had been selected for KVS Regional Best Science Tr. Award.


                The admissions for class I up to full strength of one section was completed during 2012-13 academic year.

                The class I admission process is based on category system which is divided in to five categories. The fifth category process will encourage different sections of the society under private social life, 25 % of seats are reserved under RTE (Right to Education Act) quota which includes socially disadvantaged groups/ weaker section/ BPL/OBC/SC and ST cases. In addition to this 3% seats for fresh admission will be horizontally reserved for differently abled children, visually challenged, orthopedically and hearing impaired etc.

Examination :

                In pattern of examination term wise I & II testing process is being implemented in Vidyalaya under the CCE. The formative assessment test is being conducted i.e. FA I, FA II ,FA III And FA IV at the end of two terms Summative assessment test SA I and SA II are being conducted.

FA II and FA IV tests reveals that the child’s momentary behavior and physiological approach towards the learning and hearing process of Education system.

Under the six tests child may be developed his personality ad academic knowledge with. Full confidence by which they can challenge the competition of the society. Honorable chief Guest had conducted two times medical check up to 351 students in this Academic year.


                Form class I to IX all the students are being given computer education. The total 16 computers will cater the needs of students in browsing , downloading, and uploading .In era of computer system the e-class room facility is also provided to the students in Vidyalaya. In addition to this infrastructure computer Visualizer, Interactive pads, Projector and Magic studio with interactive Module are also available to train the student to a computer literacy.

EQUIP (Ensuring Quality in upper primary classes)

Consolidated report on EQUIP components:

I: Readiness program for Upper Primary Stage:

·         Identifying weak areas of students from class III to VIII.

·         Conceptual clarification in Mathematics, EVS and languages and other subject also being done.

·         Special classes are being conducted with intimation to the parents during 2.40 PM to 4.00 PM from classes II to VIII and IX class also. Record is being maintained.

·         In languages, words meaning, words spelling and it’s pronunciations, writing skills are stressed by Teachers in concerned subjects.

·         Related home work notes are being checked from class I to V and VI to IX in Vidyalaya.

·         EVS, NCERT Text book Activities are being conducted some are assigned as Home work.

II: Monitoring and support system:

·         Principal is supervising the classes from I to V every day, class work & Home work note books in full strength are also being checked collected from class I to IX.

·         Specific plan is being discussed in subject committees and teachers are insisted to put in practice.

·         Once in a month teachers of Upper primary classes are called for meeting and discussing the learning outcomes of students and still identifying in weak areas of students subject wise.

III: Resource support:

·         Every child is encouraged to read books of stories, fiction and Nonfiction.

·         Work experience teacher is looking after the Library; he is made Library incharge also.

·         Teachers are requested to prepare book review to their subject and informed, to assess to the children as a part of formative assessment.

IV: Junior science Lab:

·         Planning to establish JSL, the school is functioning in temporary building, planning to get materials which are useful for Upper primary class activities and its practicals.

V: Improvement in Teaching Learning process and related issues:

·         Principal is devoting more the 100% time for the upliftment of the upper primary classes.

·         Some activities are demonstrated in class room situation remaining are assigned as home work to students.

·         Block periods are given in time table of teachers concerned.



In academic year participation of students in various activities under CCA:

Report I

Participation list of the students in various activities:

Sl. No.

Name of Activity


Prize Won

Remark (Events)


School level CCA

Whole school No. of students 350

No. of students- 148

Eng. Elocution


Cluster level CCA



Hindi group song Recitation, Drawing painting.


Cluster level science/ social science exhibition



Debate quiz, model under science project


External drawing painting competition

30 (school level) best 3 selected and send for state level

01 (state level)    ku. Abhinaya (class IV)

Ministry of water resources of India organization Drawing painting competition.


Sports meet under 19 years Cluster level, Regional level National level.

12 in Kho-Kho,

4 in Chess + 5 in Kho-Kho,

1 B. Karthik( IX Class National level Kho-Kho)


12 in kho-kho, cluster level ,  04 in chess regional level,  5 in kho-kho regional level


Cluster level sports meet under CMP



Kho-kho, running, realy, kabaddi.



14, 53, 57, 24= 148




Scout and Guide / Cubs and Bulbul movement/Activities:

                In the Vidyalaya total 32 Scouts & Guides and 24 Cubs & Bulbul have been enrolled and they are participating in different activities at Vidyalaya level, Cluster level and at Regional level.

This is a social movement to a child to inculcate humanitarian values and behavioral approach towards the social cause and natural calamities etc. On every Wednesday students will come in uniform and perform Scout movement activities.

For a social cause our Vidyalaya students have raised funds for disabled blind persons rupees 40185/- under the banner of SOCH music cultural activities imparted in Vidyalaya came from Hyderabad.

Thought of the day:

                Life laugh’s at you when you are unhappy,

                                Life smiles at you when you are happy,

                                                Life salutes at you when you make others happy.


Thank you one and all.

                Thank you very much

                                                Jai Hind.